Hernewood Intermediate, May 19 2020

A Few Items for This Week

If your child would prefer a "no tech home learning package" please contact pjsweet@edu.pe.ca

If you feel your child may benefit from the loan of a chromebook due to the number of people in your home needing access or just having their phone to work on, contact pjsweet@edu.pe.ca, as we still have a few available.

Grad Shirts - Grade 9 students, the link for the grad T-shirts and hoodies, along with a t-shirt recognizing the COVID situation will be coming soon!.

 We expect Yearbooks to be in near the end of June. Grade 9 students - you will all be receiving one free of charge. For anyone else wishing to order a yearbook, we will have a limited supply of about 15-18 remaining, If you are interested in ordering one, please etransfer wlhardy@edu.pe.ca the $25.00 with a note indicating "Yearbook for ________". It will be first come, first served for the remaining yearbooks.

Locker Clean out and pick up - we continue to work on a plan to get students their supplies from the main locker, gym locker and items left in the classrooms. More information will be out in the coming week with details. Please gather up any textbooks, library book, music instruments, team uniforms or anything else that should be returned to the school. We will be taking those returns when we pass out your locker items!

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