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Hernewood Intermediate, April 15 2020

Cancellation of Student Travel and Dealing with Related Funds Due to COVID-19

The PSB has cancelled all in-province and out-of-province student travel for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.                                                                                                 

This includes Hernewood Senior Band Trip to the Atlantic Band Festival in Halifax April 29-30, 2020. 

For student travel activities that have been cancelled this school year involving financial down payments, payment installments, fundraising efforts, etc., the following direction has been provided to schools to appropriately deal with these funds:

Non-Fundraised Money                                                                                                                         
Non-fundraised money is money the school has received directly from a student/parent that was not a part of a school fundraising activity (e.g. down payment, payment installment). Non-fundraised money received can be returned directly to the student/parent.

Not Applicable – No installments were completed for the band trip. 

Fundraised Money                                                                                                                   
Fundraised money is money that has been collected through individual or group efforts in support of a school oriented/organized activity (i.e. ticket sales, product sales, bingo, bagging groceries, etc.).   As the money in these circumstances was raised with the understanding that it would be used to support the educational activities of students, it is our duty to ensure that this money continues to be used for that purpose.  To that end,
a)  Where a fundraising activity involved a raffle draw that has not yet taken place, if it is impossible or impracticable to return the money to all ticket purchasers, the draw should be put on hold until all money/tickets can be returned to the school, at a later date, when it is safe to do so. We currently had the Vessey’s Seed Fundraiser in progress. We will not be moving forward with this Fundraiser. We would ask that all money collected for this be returned to the individuals that purchased from the student in a timely and safe manner and make them aware that we will not be ordering.
b)   Where fundraised money has gone into general fundraising revenue to reduce or cover overall costs for a group of students, the money will remain at the school to be used as part of the school’s annual fundraising plan, for future activities.
c)  Where money has been fundraised by a student to cover the student’s individual student travel costs, the money will be held at the school and can be used by the student toward future student travel costs and/or student fees until they graduate.  This money will follow the student should they attend another school.  If a balance remains at the time of grade 12 graduation, the school will issue the remaining money to the student’s post-secondary institution or apprenticeship program toward the student’s tuition/costs. Or, any remaining money can be transferred to a sibling or donated to a student in need.  Fundraised money will not be issued as cash.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Patti Sweet.. Email ( would be the best way until we return to school.

Patti Sweet

Written by

Hernewood Intermediate

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