Hernewood Intermediate, September 21 2020

Hernewood Happenings September 21-25, 2020

Some Happenings from the past week:

*Students creating food truck drawings and mapping their past and future.
*Grade nine students using their Language Arts skills as they read and interpret instructions as they assemble shelves and tools to be used
in the greenhouse.
*Phys ed students using mapping skills to complete a scavenger hunt.
*Healthy living students harvesting the vegetables grown in our garden.


*Please return all forms that were sent out at the first of school. Grade 9s also have their needle consent forms to return.

Monday, September 21 - Day 3
*Today is International Day of Peace
*ordering for the online food service will open today for the September 28-October 4 (will close on Friday, Sept. 25)
3:30-5:00 - Soccer- Girls - Final Tryout
3:30-4:45 - Golf - Boys

Tuesday, September 22 - Day 4
3:30-4:45 - Golf - Girls

Wednesday, September 23 - Day 5
3:30-5:00 - Soccer - Girls
3:30-5:00 - Soccer - Boys
3:30-4:45 - Golf - Open for Boys and Girls

Thursday, September 24 - Day 6
3:45 - Soccer - Girls Team 1 vs Pierre Chaisson @ Hernewood
4:30 - Soccer - Boys @ SIS. Please have your son there for warm-up at 4:00pm
5:15 - Soccer - Girls - Team 2 vs ME Callaghan @ Hernewood

Friday, September 25 - Day 1
*ordering for the online food service closes at 9:00am today for the September 28-October 4 time frame

Weekly Message for Parents/Guardians:

Parents are responsible to notify the school of the reason for the absence(s) from school.

Families play an important role in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring that students can access educational services. It will be important for you to monitor your child’s health each day before sending them to school and to keep them home when they feel ill. If your child exhibits any of the symptoms listed below and they are unusual for your child or are not related to an existing condition (e.g. seasonal allergies), parents/guardians are asked to call 811 or your health care provider and report any symptoms of COVID-19 to the school. Students are expected to remain home until they are free of symptoms.

In addition, if you have traveled outside regions as per the current CPHO guidelines, you are asked to declare this to the school, and follow the current CPHO measures in place at the time (e.g. self-isolation).

Symptoms of COVID-19 include:
-new or worsening cough
-shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
-sore throat
-runny nose, sneezing, congestion
-muscle aches
-unusual fatigue
-acute loss of sense of smell or taste

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