Hernewood Happenings Sept 14-18

Hernewood Intermediate, September 14 2020

We are happy to have the first week back completed :) ; Lots of changes and information to pass along to the students! Some Happenings from this week:*Students receiving their schedules and forms for the 2020-2021 school year.*Students assigned a locker and books for the year.*Students working on a rambling autobiography for their quick writes.*Stu...

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Back to School

Hernewood Intermediate, September 2 2020

Grade 7 Students:We will be having an information session for our grade 7 students on Thursday, September 3. This will be an opportunity for the grade 7 students, along with one adult only, to come to the school to get information about the school, get their schedule and lock and have a tour. We will have 3 separate sessions to stay within the guid...

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Hernewood Happenings June 15-19

Hernewood Intermediate, June 16 2020

Items for this week: Home Learning ends on Friday, June 19th.If you are interested in a "no tech" home learning package, please contact pjsweet@edu.pe.ca or call 902-859-8710 or text 902-853-5425 to make arrangements for pick up. For those students who have not picked up their student belongings, please contact pjsweet@edu.pe.ca or call 902-859-871...

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Grade 9 Closing Information

Hernewood Intermediate, June 12 2020

To Parents/Guardians/Students The school year is quickly coming to a close and we have been planning our final farewells to our grade 9 students. The present CPHO guidelines, including limiting the number of people at gathering to under 50 and individuals 6 feet apart, present challenges for all activities being planned in our communities.  Keeping...

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May 25-29 Message from the Director

Public Schools Branch, May 27 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians, Students, and Staff; We have been very impressed with the work of our teachers, who have migrated to home learning platforms with tremendous efficiency and creativity during this global pandemic. Teachers have been very busy preparing lessons, providing feedback on learning, connecting with students, working through year-end...

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Hernewood Happenings May 25-29

Hernewood Intermediate, May 26 2020

Reminders- Anyone who would like a "no tech" learning package, week three will be available at the first of this week. Send an email to pjsweet@edu.pe.ca to make arrangements.- Anyone who would like the loan of a chromebook due to  having just their phone to use or the number of people who need the use of a home computer, please email pjsweet@edu.p...

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A Few Items for This Week

Hernewood Intermediate, May 19 2020

If your child would prefer a "no tech home learning package" please contact pjsweet@edu.pe.ca If you feel your child may benefit from the loan of a chromebook due to the number of people in your home needing access or just having their phone to work on, contact pjsweet@edu.pe.ca, as we still have a few available.

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No Tech Learning Packages & Chromebooks

Hernewood Intermediate, May 7 2020

To Hernewood Parents/Guardians/Students: With the knowledge we are not returning to the classroom we wanted to check in to see how everyone is doing with online learning. We realize that internet connections can pose challenges at times with so many people online at the same time, location, etc...

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Weekly Message from the PSB

Public Schools Branch, May 6 2020

May 6, 2020 Dear Parents/Guardians, Students, and Staff; Welcome to May! Since COVID-19 reached Prince Edward Island, I have been separately reaching out to students, parents, and PSB staff through daily and weekly letters. As we usher in the new month, I am pleased to be writing my first joint letter to all of you. It seems very appropriate to do...

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Leadership & Student Council

Hernewood Intermediate, May 5 2020

Hi everyone! We are starting to look at the 2020-2021 School year! If you are a grade 7 or 8 student and are interested in applying for our Student Council group or Leadership Group for the next school year... NOW IS THE TIME! If you want to find out a little bit about each of these groups:

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