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Hernewood Intermediate, May 7 2020

No Tech Learning Packages & Chromebooks

To Hernewood Parents/Guardians/Students:

With the knowledge we are not returning to the classroom we wanted to check in to see how everyone is doing with online learning. We realize that internet connections can pose challenges at times with so many people online at the same time, location, etc... 

No Tech Learning Packages
If you are interested in a "no tech" home learning package, we can provide that for you as the Department of Education is developing a  lesson plan weekly.  If you are interested in this option, please email pjsweet@edu.pe.ca

If you have internet accessibility but struggle getting your turn on the computer, or only have your phone for access, we do have a way to improve the accessibility to computers. We have just learned of the possibility of loaning chrome books to students who do not have easy access to a computer/laptop. We do need to know ASAP if this is a program you want to take advantage of. Please email pjsweet@edu.pe.ca by Friday, May 8 if you are interested in this.



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Hernewood Intermediate

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